diamonds so precious

Why are diamonds so precious?

 Cut For ages, diamonds have a unique place in jewellery. Like other gemstones, diamonds are precious forever.

Many myths about diamonds have become a strong belief to people. In fact, due to their rare presence, people consider diamonds as precious. Many years ago, diamonds were found only in India. It was the sole diamond source to the world. Years later, people searched and found diamonds in South Africa and Australia. 

During these times, De Beers, a famous diamond trading group engaged a great diamond marketing strategy. For their own benefits of the diamond market, the Company promoted diamonds as rare and precious gemstones. Since then, people do strongly feel they are much more valuable.

Now, diamond mines are there in different places of the world including South Africa, Australia, America, UAE, and so on. So, they are not rare.

In history, diamonds are only meant for the rich class people. They are the magical considerations – they are believed to be a symbol of power. Further, they are given as gifts and as a token of love.

In fact, diamonds are meant to show love. With this, they have got a prominent place in engagement, commitment, and weddings. So, they are considered so precious and valuable.

Though these are myths and assumptions, these are not the true reasons to say that they are precious.

Then why?

Diamonds are precious only because of their physical brilliant property. The natural structural lattice enhances the diamonds’ sparkle and sheen. Their clarity, color, carat, and cut are the other major characteristics that make diamonds elegant and costly. So, they are considered precious.

Different cuts and shapes of diamonds like Emerald, Round, Marquise, and so on form unique valuable diamond jewellery over the world. Diamond cutting is skillful and arranging those diamonds in jewellery is also great. So, they are valuable.

Though many fancy colored diamonds are available today, only natural colored diamonds are valuable. So, they are precious. The carat weight of the diamond determines its price but not the size. People think that diamonds are more expensive if they are of big size. Not at all!

The carat, cut, clarity, and color of the diamonds only determine their value. Therefore, even a small diamond that is flawless will be more expensive when compared to a round large fancy diamond.

Now that you have an idea of why diamonds are precious, consider only the important facts like the 4Cs to purchase them. Don’t waste your money on unnecessary and faulty diamonds. Get advice from the diamond experts near you and make an affordable diamond purchase.

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