How much can you buy a diamond for

How much can you buy a diamond for?

Diamonds, as known, are so expensive. While it makes worthy jewelry for some, it’s a great investment option for others. However, it’s quite essential to purchase a diamond at the right economical price. Never spend more on it as you may not get significant returns on resale. So, it’s better to have an idea of how much money you can keep buying a diamond.

Diamond prices – how will they be?

If you are buying a diamond for the first time, you may be worried about your investment. Firstly, make a deep research on the diamond variety, cut, clarity, and shape with the help of diamond experts near you. Also, they will suggest you the right diamond affordable in your financial budget. Still, here is a piece of information that helps you know about the diamond prices.

Firstly, diamonds are expensive than other gemstones and metals. Moreover, some diamonds are very rare and can be more costly. But, they make the real beautiful choice ever for us. The cost of diamonds depends on their cut, color, clarity, and weight. The most common round and radiant cut diamonds are less expensive when compared to the Emerald and Marquise diamonds. Also, colorless diamonds, which are pure and flawless, are highly expensive. Blue, pink, orange, and other colored diamonds are often available at lesser prices. The clarity grade ranging from FL and IF to VVSI to SI differs the quality of diamonds and so their price.

This is being the general view on the cost of diamonds. Now, let’s get to our main point.

As you know, metals like gold and silver are priced as per their price. Similarly, the carat of diamond implying the weight of the diamond determines the diamond’s cost. There will be benchmarks for the costs – diamond price-per-carat. For instance, a 0.50 ct diamond may cost about $3,600 per carat. So, the stone actually costs $1,800. So, people assume that the full ct diamond price will be $3,600. But, the benchmark of diamond price-per-carat will be $7,000 and so the total cost will be $7,000. Isn’t it quite annoying?

So, consider the benchmarks and the carat weight to know the diamond price range. Here you go to have an idea of it.

The price per carat of a  0.50 carat diamond with round cut ranges in $1,220 – $5,800. For 1 carat diamond, it will be $2,500-$18,000. For 1.50 carat diamond with same specifications, it will be $3,400-$24,000. So, the carat weight varies the price. Also, remember, this is only for the round cut. 1 carat diamond with a princess cut may be $2,000 to $11,000 per carat. This will also vary with the color and clarity.


So, keep in mind all the important 4Cs. If you don’t consider these, you will finally end up in huge loss. Check the remarkable recommended range first from your retailer. If you invest beyond this range, it’s a mere waste because you won’t get fruitful profits later. There are certain diamond price calculators that help you better. Get the help of diamond experts in Hyderabad to check them and make the right investment.

Don’t get deviated by fraudulent purchases or overspendings! Have proper guidance to bag the brilliant gemstones.


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