Cheapest place in the world to buy diamonds

Where is the cheapest place in the world to buy diamonds?

Finding the best place to buy diamonds is very easy. There are some countries where you can really get them at comparatively lesser prices. India is the best place to buy them because of its huge diamond cutting and diamond trading business centres. Apart from India, Dubai, Belgium, Thailand, and China are good cheaper places for diamond purchase.

In India, most of the diamond-cutting is done in Mumbai and Surat. In fact, there are many other countries where diamonds are mined. But, they send diamonds wholesale to India for cutting. So, they are cheaper in India. Another reason for lesser diamond price in the country is that it has a lesser retail markup. So, compared to other countries like the U.S, diamonds are less expensive in India.

Antwerp in Belgium is the world’s best diamond trading centre of the world and is often called ‘Diamond Heaven’. Here also, the valuable gemstones are available at lesser prices. Most of the diamonds reach the jewelers from here.

You’ll find diamonds of leading industry standards in the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates at better prices. People prefer to purchase them in Dubai because of the tax-free facilities.

If you are within the local vicinity of these places, then you are lucky! You need not worry about the high purchasing costs. Some people even travel to these countries to buy them to enjoy savings. But, it’s not significantly worth it because you can’t even remain the traveling costs. So, it is not preferable to travel from abroad to these regions for diamonds.

Wherever you purchase, consult diamond experts nearby to get them in the better range. Don’t get deviated by the fancy diamonds thinking that they are cheap. They are fake and synthetic and you will have no return on investment during resale.

Consider the four C’s – clarity, cut, color, and carat when planning to buy diamonds. These stylish gems are durable and look beautiful upon proper maintenance. So, it’s a better option to have diamonds for fruitful investment returns.

Also, you can remain the diamond jewelry as a token of remembrance for a long time. Diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding ornaments give a life-long memory. Loot your partner’s heart with sparkling diamond gifts. Research more and get the absolutely and perfectly cut diamonds with better prices from the countries listed above.

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