Marvelous Marquise

Marvelous Marquise Diamonds

Are you ready for your engagement and exploring a marvelous diamond ring piece? Then, here you go! Marquise diamonds are the must purchase diamond models for your engagement. Not only as engagement rings, but any other occasion can be most memorable and remarkable with the marquise diamonds. With attractive, awesome, and assorted diamond collections, marquise diamonds always are valuable and supreme.

What’s special in Marquise Diamond?

Marquise diamond is a diamond with a football shape cut. It resembles an eye or a football. It is even boat-shaped – so, people also call it Navette – in French, Navette means a small ship.

Marquise diamond is elliptical in shape and has pointed ends. It has 58 facets and the most unique one. Its startling shining is so beautiful as it is cut and arranged so elegantly. If you wish to be different and special in the diamond collection, then you definitely have to choose marquise diamonds which are the fabulous preferences for many.

In fact, because of the elongated shape of the marquise diamond engagement ring, your finger looks so thin and beautiful.

Story Behind the Name ‘Marquise’!

During the 18th Century, the French King Louis XV (1710-1774) ordered his jeweler to design a diamond cut to resemble the lips of his lover Jean Antoinette, the Marchioness Madame de Pompadour. Over time, it is called as ‘Marquise Diamond’. However, the narrow design of the diamond has refined now.

Marvelous Look of the Marquise Shape

Certain differences make the marquise diamond cut change the appeal or shape of the diamond to fit in a ring. Based on the shape and cutting, the gemstone is found in different styles – flat wings, uneven wings, bulged wings, and undefined points.

  • Flat Wings – The wings of the marquise diamonds are not usual. They have less curve and are flatter.
  • Uneven Wings – The amount of curve is different in the two wings.
  • Bulged Wings – They have more curves and look ‘plumper’.
  • Undefined Points – Unlike the normally pointed ends, this specific cut of marquise diamonds has rounded ends and not pointed.

Unique Models of Marquise Diamonds

Marquise diamonds are of various styles – Bowtie, Slender Football, and the ideal Marquise. The shape, cut, and shining of these stipulating marquise diamonds are so unique with slight differences. Ultimate engagement rings, with unique models of marquise diamonds, create a charming appeal of your partners’ fingers.

Marquise Diamond Choosing Guide

Actually, while purchasing the diamond itself you will be more curious and keen – because you don’t want to make your investment waste. Right?

Moreover, when you have to select the right Marquise diamond, then you have to seek many important considerations.

  • Check the cut, shape, style, and design of the particular marquise diamond.
  • Consider the Length (L)/Width (W) ratio of the diamond. The ideal L/W ratio of a Marquise diamond can be between 1.6:1 to 2.2:1.

Here is an image of different Marquise diamonds with different L/W ratio.

Remember, the ratio will be lower for Marquise diamonds that are wider. If the ratio is more, then the shape is more elongated.

  • Ensure that the pointed ends of the marquise diamonds are firmly fixed or pronged with a suitable metal. Either gold, platinum, or other white metal is generally used for clamping the precious gemstone.
  • Remember, you should not pour too much money than your affordable range. Anyhow, the diamond’s price depends on the carat weight. While choosing the marquise diamond shape, consider the carat too.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask the clarity. The standard clarity guide as per the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) provides specific grades on the diamond clarity including I2, I1, SI1, SI2, VS2, VS1, VVS1, VVS2, and IF. Ask the retailer about the diamond clarity and the associated cost to choose one for your celebration.
  • Even distinct colors of Marquise diamonds give a shining appeal to your engagement ring. While some prefer it to be colorless and original, some others do wish to have a fancy trendy tinge to it. So, you can consider the color grades of GIA – they include A, D, H, G, Z, and so on.
  • Do you know that you have to check for the Four Cs of the marquise diamond? Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. There’s one more thing you should look for – it’s the Certification. Standard diamond certification from AGS or GIA is the best trust-worthy assurance for your diamond purchase. Ensure that your retailer provides you such certified marquise diamonds that are excellent, long-lasting, and charming.
  • Check if the marquise diamonds are properly fit with the metal.
  • Marquise diamonds can be stuck to stunning engagement rings, earrings, pendants for chains, necklaces, studs, or cufflinks too. See this long list of the diamond collection – you really have to say wow – it is only your great desire for the valuable diamond jewelry for your celebration and choose the feasible one!!

Make a marquise diamond purchase now for your engagement. Add more charm to your lover and to the warm event as well with this diamond jewellery! Move to the new way of life with Marquise!! Never limit the diamond to your occasion – go on for the unique marquise diamond jewelry to be more special anywhere.


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