Indian Diamond Ring

Indian Diamond Ring with 12,638 diamonds breaks Guinness World Record

With 12,638 diamonds in one ring, Indian Jeweller sets new record. Harshit Bansal, a diamond jeweller based in Meerut and the founder of Renani Jewels has broken the world record for the highest number of diamonds in a single ring according to the Guinness World Records.

Guinness World Records.

The flower-shaped ring resembling the Marigold flower has been named the Ring of Prosperity. It has broken the previous record of 7,801 diamonds by a leap and has been ornamented with thousands of 38.08-carat natural diamonds. Weighing over 165 grams, where each petal in the ring is made up of eight layers the ring is believed to be very comfortable.

natural diamonds

The previous record for the highest number of diamonds in a ring was held by Hallmark Jewellers, also an Indian jeweller from Hyderabad. Harshit had wanted to break this record while pursuing jewellery design education in 2018 and went on to achieve this dream in 2020. While this diamond ring has been creating quite the buzz, the jeweller has no such plans to put it on sale.

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